Men Have a Place in Network Marketing – They Fill the Remaining Twenty Percent

If you are a man do not lose faith when looking for a home-based business in direct selling. Although women represent 80 percent of the network marketers this does not mean it is an exclusive women-only club.

There is a changing attitude facing men in the direct selling business. The fact that there is more of a diversification of products and services available has made it more appealing. Such things as nutritional supplements, wine, coffee, chocolate, credit cards, legal services, insurance are opening doors to a demographic that has been slow to recognize the potential of network marketing.

The timing is perfect!

From college graduates with no intention of working for someone else to men who are disillusioned by the traditional employment route, men are flocking into the home-based business scene.

The products themselves are not the only drawing card. The internet has created a wealth of opportunities for men in network marketing. Direct selling has become a global recruiting opportunity. This along with excellent compensation plans has peaked men’s interest in establishing their own business.

The fact that in America traditional employment channels are drying up, has lead to men looking for more challenging opportunities elsewhere. The home-based business allows men to have more freedom, less stress and a better chance at financial security.

The benefits of owing your own business are very rewarding. Imagine cutting your workweek in half and taking four weeks of vacation to relax and recharge. Factor in the time saved not having to commute to the office, and you almost triple the time available to enjoy family, friends and more recreation pursuits.

Making decisions about career and financial security is very important for men. In order for men to consider joining your organization it has to include benefits they are not presently getting and what they want that your business has to offer.

Consider the following benefits men look for:

1. Big benefits eclipse small obstacles. These could be the things they are missing in their lives. Things like family time, leisure time, job satisfaction or money.

2. Spending more time with their children. Being able to be there when they are growing up.

3. Look at small business owners who are just pouring all their profits back into the business. Show them the difference your company offers in risk, responsibilities and returns.

4. Men who are in a relationship with a women who has a career and they do not. If they have children, chances are a home-based business would be a perfect fit.

5. If a man says his favorite time of the day is “quitting time”, you have a man who may be looking for something else to make his life worthwhile.

Women were drawn to network marketing by necessity. They were already staying at home raising the family. She either had to put her career on hold when she had children or she did not want a career outside the home. It was the man’s job to provide a regular source of income. As Bob Dylan says, “The Times They are a ‘changing”. A lot of men are discovering that self-reliance is the best security in life and that family comes first.

It is your job to offer these men the opportunity to take their lives back. You can double your prospect base if you offer men the chance to benefit from your incredible business opportunity.